Jim Belushi- Weed Could Have Saved my Brother

Liz Filmer
15 Jun 2022

Actor turned weed farmer Jim Belushi believes his brother, John Belushi, would still be alive if he had been a weed smoker. Jim, who now runs a pot farm in the legal state of Oregon, lauded the benefits of cannabis during an interview for his TV show, Growing Belushi. 

John Belushi was a 33-year-old TV and Movie star when he died from a cocaine and heroin overdose at the Chateau Marmont in LA in 1982. John received numerous accolades posthumously and during his life, including an Emmy for his writing on SNL, two Grammy nominations and a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 

he died of a drug overdose, and I think ... if he were a pothead, "You know,he'd be alive. Because it's great medicine," Jim shared.

 Jim thinks that John's reliance on drugs may have stemmed from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which describes brain damage caused by repeated head trauma."I believe he had CTE from playing football, and a lot of his behaviour stemmed from that. I know he had damage to the brain. As soon as alcohol and drugs were available, I think he went right to self medication,"

"In the '70s, if they knew what we knew today about marijuana and the healing benefits I think my brother John would still be alive," Jim added.

Jim founded Belushi Farms in 2015 to operate within Oregon's medical cannabis market as a gateway to healing'. For Jim, the business was 'all about medicine.

 Jim launched a product line of 'baby blues' or 'parking lot joints' With the help of John's Blues Brothers co-star Dan Aykroyd, in honour of the Blues brothers Film.

The Blues Brothers products are a tribute to John and how he helped Jim personally and professionally. "John led a path for me and I've enjoyed this great life."

Since 2015 Jim has grown his farm from 48 plants to 93 acres. He is very passionate about cannabis. "I think [cannabis] medicine across the board is not only for Alzheimer's, headaches, PTSD, seizures, backaches and pain, but it also enhances the taste of food, the touch of your lover's skin, the sound of music."

"It opens your chest up to the presence of music and rhythm, which is healing to PTSD, but it also makes you feel good. It sometimes makes you feel euphoric; it lightens you and brings you cultural isolation. That encompasses the wellness of cannabis, and I think hemp can do that even on a more subtle range."

When he first entered the cannabis market, Jim partnered with his cousin Chris Karakosta and famed grower Captain Jack, who was known for providing weed to the cast of Saturday Night Live in the 1970s. 

"I swear, the movie "Coneheads" came outta this weed, and loads of other crazy ideas." Jim, Jack and Chris have since worked to grow the brand into what it is today. Follow Jim's cannabis journey in season two of Growing Belushi on the Discovery Channel.

Liz Filmer