Going back to your 'roots' with Mycorrhizae.

Liz Filmer
05 Jul 2021

If you are looking for a grow additive that is easy to use, provides an abundance of benefits and is 100% organic, mycorrhizae is it. This effective additive will help you throughout your Cannabis Grow cycle, whether growing in media or a hydroponic system.

Mycorrhizae work on the root system, and maintaining healthy roots is essential to producing high-quality cannabis. The root system is like the heart or brain of the plant; it is critical to a plants survival.

Mycorrhizae means “fungus root” and is part of a complex group of natural fungi. It can assist your plant by improving root growth and health, increasing flowering, fruiting, water uptake, nutrient uptake and final yield. It also helps to reduce fertiliser use, increase resistance to salt toxicity, reduces the chances of deficiencies and root disease, and provides a higher success rate when transplanting.

Mycorrhizae helped facilitate life on land for the first vascular plants over 400 million years ago. At least 80% of all land plant species depend on it for survival. Whole ecosystems would fail to sustain themselves without mycorrhizae.

So how does it work? Well, Mycorrhizae and plants share a “symbiotic” relationship. This means that the fungi and the plant work together to a mutual advantage. 

The mycorrhizae provide the cannabis plant with increased access to nutrients, especially nutrients in phosphate form. The mycorrhizae improve the root’s area of absorption and also helps process nutrient sources that the roots alone would not take up. Mycorrhizae increase the ‘take up’ of all essential nutrient elements, notably elemental Phosphorous, Zinc, Manganese, copper, and Water.

The symbiotic relationship begins with fungal spores that germinate and create threadlike microscopic “hyphae”. The hyphae enter the plant’s root system, colonising the root zone. They then spread out into the growing medium, forming a web of mycelium.

The mycelium can increase the root area of the plant anywhere between 300-800 times or more. Hyphae are so small that they can squeeze into areas of the soil where everyday roots cannot reach. This ability makes the hyphae extremely good at collecting more nutrients for the plant.  

Mycelium can connect multiple plants, including plants of different species creating an underground system called a common mycorrhizal network. Mycorrhizal Networks can connect plants on either side of a forest! A mycelium’s hyphae can measure hundreds of miles. 

Hyphae are so tiny that there can be at least 200km of hyphae in every kilogram of soil!! Sometimes the mycorrhizae reproduce and send fruiting bodies up to the surface, producing what we would recognise as mushrooms!

Mycorrhizae is available in powder or liquid form from all good hydroponic stores. It can be used from the beginning of your Grow, at every re-potting or as a top feed. It will support and fuel your roots from day one, no matter if you are starting your plants from seeds or cuttings or 
you are just looking to maintain a healthy Mother plant.


Liz Filmer