Canna Swiss Cup '22

Soft Secrets
18 Jan 2022

On Sunday 16th of January 2022 the best Swiss CBD-Cannabis sorts were pre-selected by the VIP-Jury. Previously the 72 registered species were tested on nicotine, pesticides, Mycotoxins as well as on synthetic Cannabinoids. 11 of the given sorts are excluded from the CannaSwissCup 2021/22 as the analysis of pesticides revealed residues which are forbidden concerning the rules of the Association CannaSwissCup.

The 11 VIP-Jury Members, consisting of national experts of the sector growing, analytics and media as well as three representatives of consumers, from each part of the Swiss (Ticino, German-and the Frenchspeaking Switzerland) met on Sunday 16th of January in the Absinth Bar in Solothurn for the VIP-Jury day. The coded sorts were checked on the appearance, aroma and taste only the category of each one was known (Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse). During this VIP Expert Jury Day the best 17 Indoor, the best 10 Outdoor and the best 8 Greenhouse species were selected for the Jury Box of the CannaSwissCup 2021/22, which are ready for sale from 1st of February 2022 all over the Swiss in special hemp shops and under

Each presented sort was tested, by a SCC (Swiss Certified Cannabis) certified laboratory, on its CBD-, CBGas well as on its THC-content and also on synthetic cannabinoids, beside pesticides and Mycotoxins. Particular rewarding is the fact that all registered species comply with the legal THC limit value of one percent and none of these contain any nicotine or Mycotoxins residues.

No Traces of synthetic Cannabinoids found

Unfortunately we had to eliminate 11 sorts from the CannaSwissCup 2021/22 due to pesticides residues. But this example shows that despite a missing regulation the Swiss CBD-branch is predominately processing clean. Considering the missing limit value for pesticides in the cannabis cultivation, as required for the vegetable growing, we as the organizers of the CannaSwissCup demand a zero tolerance for pesticides in the cannabis cultivation.

We also would like to point out that major problems may occur because of pesticides and synthetic cannabinoids in illegal produced cannabis in contrast to legal CBD-cannabis. Therefore the regulation of the cannabis market seems to be reasonable and absolutely necessary.

How will the best Gras be chosen?

Each adult in Switzerland may buy one Jury-Box and take thereby part in the selection for the best Swiss CBD-Grass 2021/22 as well as automatically in the raffle for a trip to Amsterdam. Per Jury-Box we grant additionally two Day-Tickets for the upcoming CannaTrade 2022. The Awardshow of the CannaSwissCup shall take place during the fair on Saturday 21th of May 2022.

Soft Secrets