+Speed. Qualität in Rekordzeit

Eine erstaunlich kleine Autoflowering-Hybride, die große, harzige Blütenstände mit einem pikanten, süßen, fruchtigen Duft liefert. Darüber hinaus zeichnet sie sich vor allem durch ihre unglaubliche Blühgeschwindigkeit aus - tatsächlich eine der schnellsten auf dem Markt.

Sweet Seeds has an extensive catalog of cannabis strains and it is virtually impossible to find a strain with a combination of traits that does not meet the grower’s wishes. There are high-yield varieties and also quality varieties that guarantee very good harvests, but are more characterized by their fragrance. But there are more … varieties that are mainly in demand for their speed.

This is true for + Speed ​​Auto, a cannabis that is indeed synonymous with good quality, high yields and excellent taste. However, its most notable feature is that it can be harvested in just seven weeks after germination.

Good weed in a very short amount of time is the dream of the impatient grower. This 3rd generation autoflowering hybrid is the result of crossing two fantastic “auto plants” from Sweet Seeds’ development department, an Auto Critical Mass – chosen for its speed and aroma – and a Speed ​​Devil # 2 Auto, which also has a very short flowering period .

+ Speed ​​Auto plants are small, no more than 1 meter tall, but the stem and branches are thick and sturdy. Indoor yields are around 500 g / m 2 , while outdoors 30 to 150 g per plant can be achieved.

+ speed
A beautiful + speed inflorescence.

Their speed allows them to bring in a few extra harvests during the season than with other varieties. It is certainly one of the fastest and most productive plants available. After only 7 weeks you can get a good harvest with huge compact inflorescences. The quick and pleasant effect of + Speed ​​consists of complete relaxation and a total feeling of happiness – but without being pinned to the sofa. Its taste is strong, sweet and fruity, with a hint of cheese aroma.

Germination and growth

We germinated several + Speed ​​Auto seeds between damp rags, after a little over 24 hours all of them started sprouting. We usually plant these strains directly in pots, where they will develop over the entire life cycle to avoid the stress of transplanting. This time they were grown in 11 liter pots – the right size for autoflowering strains. Here they spend their short 7-week lifespan until they are harvested. The soil was watered before we planted the seedlings root down at a very shallow depth and placed them under 600 W sodium lamps (20 hours of light, 4 hours of darkness).

After less than a full day, the first leaves made their way through the surface of the earth to the light. During the vegetative phase only a root stimulator was used in the irrigation water until we saw the plants start to bloom. Needless to say, how fantastic their growth went in just a few days. Their structure is homogeneous and robust. The internodal distance is very short, which favors the formation of huge inflorescences. Around the third week our plants showed the first preliminary flowers, the first styles were visible.

Flowering phase

 At this stage the plants received 24 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. They did not stop their development well into the flowering phase and concentrated the energy entirely on the formation of inflorescences. So in the end all the plants had grown to a considerable size and stature.

+ speed
Another spectacular example.

Plants of this type hardly need any care. They develop in a short time, which is why they are not so easily attacked by pests, and problems with emerging diseases are less to be feared. The plants have a few very large leaves, which makes the subsequent cutting work easier. Styles are continually produced, and as the plants mature, the inflorescences get bigger and bigger.

The central inflorescence stands out due to its particular size and compactness. + Speed ​​Auto specimens are like small Critical +, but can be harvested after just 49 days. At this stage we put the flower stimulator in the water and a few times also flower fertilizer. Since these plants are so fast, there is hardly any time to do more.

+ speed
Huge secondary inflorescences oozing resin

In the last days of the flowering phase, we rinsed the roots thoroughly and waited until the test plants had matured. They were all 70 to 80 cm tall and all the branches were loaded with large inflorescences. They were huge, with long orange pens, and the slightest touch gave off a pleasant, sweet aroma. After about 7 weeks we dismantled all + Speed ​​Auto test plants.


Incredible! A few years ago, many of these things were unimaginable, and now – while there is still room for further improvement – for many growers, harvesting in such a short amount of time has become a dream come true. In addition, these quality plants produce yields that are in no way inferior to those of other varieties. 7 weeks after germination, our mature test plants were packed with huge, resinous inflorescences. Trimming was easy and quick as the leaf to flower ratio is quite low.


After a short drying time, we finally tried + Speed ​​Auto, a cannabis in which the strong, intense, fruity taste with a slightly spicy note comes into its own with every puff. The effect is quick – like the plant – and relaxation sets in immediately.

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